Balul de La Castel 2017, Bethany NGO Iași

  • Date: June 2017
  • Service: concept, naming, graphic design, copywriting, social media campaign, video script, video directing

About the project

„Odată ca niciodată” (Once upon a time) was the name of the sixth edition of Balul de La Castel (Ball at the Castle), the most famous philanthropic event in North-Eastern Romania, annually organized in Iași by Bethany NGO. ”Creatives with a cause” has always been and will remain one of our most precious missions: help the less fortunate by shaping new possibilities through text and color and by designing a better tomorrow.

One of our most beloved projects ever, ”Odată ca niciodată” came to life in our agency, were we created the name, shown the light to the key visual and the whole set of deliverables (please feast your eyes on the images below). We loved writing the script and directing the promo video for the event. We worked on the online com munication strategy which we also implemented. We couldn’t have done without our partnerns...not in crime, but in „joy bringing”: Iași Bethany NGO, whose team always showered us with infinite trust and enthusiasm. Thank you for choosing us and for being there for the lovely children you took under your healing wing.